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Venezuela as a tourist destination should reflect on the present moment the reality of a country experiencing a political process of change colorful, lively, cheerful and of course with a unique natural goodness in the world. Venezuela in each locality, must reflect the reality of this colorful state, solidarity, tradition, historical, respectful, dynamic, diverse, happy ...
And above all should reflect the regional sense, the adjective, its folklore, its values, its tourist attractions, all framed within the spirit of the new promotional image of the tourist Venezuela based on the principles of integration, participation, accountability and social equity can of making the country a land where dreams are reborn.
A novel and diverse destination "Venezuela", mass media campaigns, positioning us as a multicultural destination and biodiversity where the multiplicity of options and scenarios is what characterizes it.
Culture: It's the people, their history, the tradition, is a mixture of races, are securities is its cuisine, is beach is mountain, jungle, is desert, is urban, rural, is active, it's relaxing, it sports and an ideal land where dreams are reborn.
Stunning scenery: beaches, desert, mountain, jungle, sunrises, ocean, river, springs.
Mixed breeds indigenous, Andean population. Culture and traditions, fiestas, crafts, dance, drums, joropo, calypso, merengue, salsa.
Diversity: ecological, productive geography.
Guest: modest, warm, homelike, quiet.
Flavors: arepas, hallacas, cassava, cachapas.
Activities: sports and ecotourism.


Explorepartners Venezuela Explorepartners is a travel agency that has 15 years of experience in the tourism market responsive, dedicated to receive foreign visitors, working to give Venezuela the senior post he deserves as one of the best destinations worldwide, we welcome tourists from around the world: England, Italy, Germany, China, Japan, Korea, USA, Argentina and many more.

Services and references: It is noteworthy that this company provides services that are virtually unique to the region, due to the exclusivity of the same, with original and services never performed by another agency in place, standing too, by personal attention to the tourist, being available at all times, what is more important, the packages are based on the needs of each customer, meeting in all respects, to stay in Venezuela and is EXCELLENT The best quality, that's why before their visit, they usually consult the passengers, which is what they expect to go in that way to give them what they really want (tourism demand).

Among the services and destinations that offer notable for their importance: Rental of yachts and sailing boats sailing across the Caribbean Sea, mainly in Los Roques, also Margaret, La Tortuga, among others, paths in the park Canaima and Angel Falls, fishing altitude in La Guaira, Morrocoy; Choroni.

Tourism ahead: In Explore working hard to keep us at the forefront of global market trends and now the new interactive systems are booking and payment online through web portals. This new phenomenon is called Paxsoft.

Explore takes the initiative in the domestic market and joins with the development of a system that offers the possibility that his dwelling is accessed from anywhere in the world where the customer has Internet and book and pay online at the same time they visit its website and in this way avoiding the delays caused by post pending or expensive phone calls only delay and hinder the sales process and customer acquisition.

Company Goals: To provide high qualified and professional consulting and tourist information about destinations, flights, hotels, tours, excursions, inns, sailboats, yachts, etc.Diseñar holidays, honeymoons or business trips in terms of particular requirements or advice of empresa.Ofrecer expert personal attention by professionals of tourism, living and working experience, who understand customer needs. Give primary importance to the relationship between Service - Quality - Cost. By selecting those suppliers and tourist services that meet our high standards of care.

The System: What is it?: The system is a new type Paxsoft are adopting Web 2.0 portals, through which the user is integrated with the site, in an interactive experience that lets you take part of the information. Paxsosft is a system of online reservation and payment in real time, which will allow radical change in a way how to market their travel services. This system is developed for tourist service either inn, tour, flight or other, to be presented at a web portal detail, each room, the specific description, etc. ....

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