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Venezuela Parque Nacional Cerro Copey
Cerro Copey (Jovito Villalba)
Estado Nueva Esparta
7130 hectares.
Decree No. 1632 of 27 February 1974.
Official Gazette No. 30,342 of 2 March 1974.
Management Plan and Regulations for Use:
No. 1642 dated 5 June 1991.
Gaceta Oficial No. 34,758 of 18 July 1991.
Protected ecosystems and important natural attractions:
Semi-deciduous forest, evergreen, dwarf shrub in the mountains. Wet Mountains in a matrix predominantly arid.
Amphibians endemic and Copey frog (Hyla rubra) and an endemic colubrids (Drymarchon corais margaritae). Among the mammals are few endemics: fronted capuchin monkey (Cebus apella margaritae), wild rabbits (Sylvilagus floridanus margaritae), squirrel (Sciurus granatensis nesaeus), deer (Odocoileus virginianus margaritae) and among birds is the gonza. Lito margariteño (Icterus nigrogularis helioeides) and the popular guayamate (Cardinalis phoenicius).
Rich in cacti caparidáceas, composite, Euphorbiaceae and Leguminosae. Several endemic species: ferns (Thelipteris paucijuga and Trichipteris steyermarkü), palm Mapire (Coccothrinax barbadensis), Blakea Montico - Fe, and Guettarda Guettarda scabra odorata, Inga johnstonii Mikania micrantha and Ec.
Water resources:
Rivers Asuncion, El Valle and San Juan Bautista.
Tourist attractions:
The majestic mountain scenery typical of mixed forests with streams, rivers and steep valleys is a natural viewpoint of contemplation of the island, the sea and sky. The main places of interest within the park is the recreation area John Felix Gomez and the La Sierra.
Activities Permitted:
Nature tourism, hiking, trekking, bird watching, camping, picnic, stroll on beast and trot.
Prohibited Activities:
Lighting fires, extract plant and animal species, leave or throw solid waste, make or cause damage to vegetation. Hunt, carry firearms or any other that may cause damage to natural resources, collect any items from the park's flora, expense and consumption of alcoholic beverages, introducing exotic species of wildlife, making or commercial advertisements or political setting, enter the park in hours not established visiting hours, use of sound equipment that disturbs the tranquility of the park, use insecticides, taking photographs or filming for commercial purposes without permission.
Schedules and fares:
Visiting hours at the falls park from 08:00 am to 05:00 pm Visitors should cancel the tariff of Bs 500 for access to the park and Bs 2,000 for camping.
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