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Apure State: Capital San Fernando de Apure. Location Region de los Llanos and the Andes. North Boundary: Guarico, Barinas and Táchira. South: Colombia. East: Bolivar. West: Colombia. Area 76 500 km2. Percent 8.35% of national territory. It is the third entity with the largest areas of the country.

TOURISM: Tourism is developed essentially flat in herds located in, where they prepare packages that include trips first thing in the morning to see the nesting grounds and excursions to observe the rich and varied fauna of the region.

In San Fernando de Apure is Barbarito Palace of Florentine architecture and represents the glory days of the state, when exported to Europe, quoted heron feathers and skins of alligator. It also highlights the capital's Cathedral, a nineteenth century colonial building and the square Camejo, a bronze statue of Peter Camejo, the famous spearman Plainsman. Among the rivers Apure and Apurito The islands are the Black and La Palomera. In Achaguas there are two attractive resorts: Matiyure and Rio Apure. Another site of interest is the Amparo de Apure, the Arauca border crossing into Colombia. In Puerto Paez are the Esteros de Cinaruco, an unprecedented visual feast.

ROAD MAP: The roads of Apure is limited and focuses on a main road through the plain from east to west, linking the capital with Bruzual and Puerto Otters, to Barinas, and St. Kitts via Guasdualito. The rest are main highways. Its main cities are: Achaguas Biruaca, Bruzual, El Amparo, Elorza, Guasdualito, La Victoria, Puerto Paez and San Juan de Payara.

NATIONAL PARKS: It has three national parks: Rio Viejo, which occupies 68 200 hectares of the western high plains in the far west, bordering with Colombia Cinaruco-Capanaparo, with 584 368 hectares in the western low plains and the Tama, whose area covers 109 100 hectares at the beginning of the Andes mountain range.

TRADITIONS: Although a music played throughout the country, Apure is presented as the land par excellence of the joropo. No single type of joropo, there are many modalities that have emerged over time.

In Western Plains primitive forms-shed, and bird-number variants have been added as the buzz buzzing, the Periquera, overcoat, six right, the hawk, the Quirpa, the Chipola, he ran, the cunavichero, the quitapesares, and the very passage Apure, Llanos quintessential representation. Joropo is interpreted primarily with harp, four and rattle his voice. However, in Barinas, Portuguesa and in certain areas of Apure not used the harp, but the mandolin as a contrapuntal instrument.

The counterpoint, in its various expressions, is an essential part of the joropo. There are two counterpoint: that is between the instruments and voice, and that between two or more singers from the improvisation of verses and couplets. Every year they made the "Fiestas de Elorza" where joropo comes alive to remember a tradition that goes back to the seventeenth century and refers to old tunes and Spanish dances.

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