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Portuguesa State: Capital Guanare Location Region North Central West Boundary: South Cojedes Lara and Barinas East: West Cojedes Barinas and Trujillo Area 15 200 km2 Percentage 1.66% of national territory. It is the tenth second entity with the largest areas of the country.

ROAD MAP: Between Agua Blanca and Ospino there are 90 kilometers of highway. The backbone connects the state with 5 Barinas and Cojedes. Through the core 7 is communicating with Lara and Trujillo. Among the most important are: Acarigua, Agua Blanca, Araure, Biscucuy, Boconoíto, Guanarito, and Villa Bruzual Píritu.

TOURISM: In Guanare is the Basilica Cathedral of Our Lady of Coromoto, and the Sanctuary of the Coromoto, with a monument at the site where the Virgin appeared in 1652. In the colonial town of Guanare the Museo Mercedes Inés Gómez. In the same city is the Casacoima, which hosted the Guipuzcoa Company and parks: The Samaná and Bahía del Risco. In Araure Acarigua and Spa is the Quebrada River and the Curpa Araure, rail, and the churches: Our Lady of Pilar, San Fernando and San Miguel Arcangel Ospino. In addition to the monument to the Tang, the Monument to the Battle of Araure Galeras "The Mound and Museum General José Antonio Páez. White Water is the cave of King's Palace Guaicaipuro Majaguas Dam River and Spa Las Majaguas. In Biscucuy, Spa and River Caves The Pionius Xaguas River. In Guanarito is the wildlife refuge Chiriguare Estuary.

NATIONAL PARKS: It has four national parks: Dinira, in the Sierra de barbecues, covering the states of Lara, Trujillo and Portuguesa. The gouaches at the beginning of the Andes, in the states of Lara and Portuguesa. Guaramacal Paramo in the East Branch of the Andes, west of the country. Terepaima, southwest of Barquisimeto, in the extreme east of the Andean Cordillera.

TRADITIONS: One of the country's most popular legends is that of Florentino and the Devil, the battle between good and evil, the struggle between dark balladeer who wanders by the vastness of the savannah and Manding, as it is also called the devil. The myth was collected in a memorable poem by Alberto Arvelo Torrealba. Florentino or quitapesares represents the image of strong man, strong and indomitable that manages to defeat the devil in a long duel.

The evil is removed because dawn has come, and the singer loses his voice for the rest of his days after the confrontation by force of counterpoint that became a legend that is passed from generation to generation.

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